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Auntie Ganga

आन्टी गंगा 

A 67 years old Ganga , lives with her husband who is an ex-Gurkha soldier in Aldershot, trying to blend in to what is unfamiliar to her at this old age and making it familiar. This is the film that delves into human condition when you are immigrant at old age and what becomes of your relation once you get old. Auntie Ganga discovers day-to-day lives of old women through auntie Ganga about their struggle to blend in with the society in spite of cultural and language barriers.


**WINNER , Human Rights Watch Film Festival, Student Film,London, 2014 **

 Official Selection

Short Sighted Cinema: OLDER, October 2015 

Official Selection, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Edinburgh August 2015 

Film South Asia 2015 

Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival 2015, Nepal Panorama section 

I'klectik UnderCOVER Film Festival, February 2015

Whirlygig Cinema at Hackney Picturehouse in Documentary Spotlight 2015 

Official Selection for The Smalls Film Festival, London, September 2014 

What I See Film Competition, London, July 2014 

Six Sigma Films, India, April 2014 

Screened in 5th Based Gallery London for Film Night, February 2014

Official selection for Women over 50 film festival 2017

WOW Film Festival, Karachi, 2020

Online premiere in VIDDSEE .

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