Dhaulagiri Films was founded by Writer/Director Asmita Shrish in 2013 where she collaborates with like-minded artists from around the world.
Recently recognized by Youku and Busan International Film Festival's Asian Masters and Newcomers Project, for a film ‘Chandra’, Asmita Shrish is a Nepalese filmmaker, visual artist and ethnographer exploring new ways of looking at human stories to connect with world. She was one of 8 directing fellows in Asian Film Academy 2014 nurtured by auteur Béla Tarr. Chandra has been premiered in 20th Busan International Film festival and has been nominated for Best International Short Film competition in 30th edition of Fribourg International Film festival taking place in March 2016.
Completing BEngg from Kathmandu University and MA in Graphic Arts and Animation from University of Gloucestershire, Asmita did her documentary course from National Film and Television School, UK in 2013. Her graduation film ‘Auntie Ganga’ about the diasporic Nepalese community in the military town of Aldershot, UK has won student competition in Human Rights Watch Film festival in 2014 and was shown in more than 15 film festivals around the world including Kathmandu International Mountain film festival in 2015.  The film is also selected by Short Sighted Cinema in association with British Council as one of the six films to be shown in UN International Old Age day in October 2015. Recently she had been commissioned by BAFTA and Arts Council England to produce further work on the retired Gurkha (Soldiers) community in England.
During her MA course she produced ‘Kaloo School’ in central Afghanistan, which was premiered in International Documentary Film festival Amsterdam in 2013 and was winner for One World Human Rights Film festival Prague, Human Rights Film Festival Bir Duiyo Kazakhstan and many other festivals around the globe.